Case Study

People don’t tell bedtime facts. *

We’ve gone to the ends of the earth to find a human story.

A new client to the agency wanted to give her company a better idea of what their breakthrough treatment for a rare disease truly meant. Not just to their bottom line, but to the global community.

So we traveled to 4 countries, in 9 cities, in 45 days. We met and got to know 8 scientists who helped develop the treatment, 5 doctors, and 14 family members who became part of ours. We ate at their houses, talked for hours – not just about the disease – but their lives, and we still get updates about how they are doing each month. We are on their holiday card list, and they are on ours.

The output was a documentary-style film that helped us not just learn about them but know them. Their hopes, their fears, and what they need beyond the molecule. That information feeds into what we do. This is what it means to be 21GRAMS.

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*Quote credit: Jonah Berger.

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